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Alcohol & Drug Assessments


At 1st Step Referral Services we are committed to offering our clients a comfortable, private atmosphere during their visit to  our office for a substance abuse evaluation. We are located in a restored, historic building that is warm and welcoming.


What is an Assessment/Evaluation?


The reason for an assessment is to ascertain past and current substance use patterns and to make recommendations for further prevention, intervention, counseling or treatment services when appropriate. You can rest assure we do not rely solely on testing instruments to define your recommendation. We provide a complete biopsychosocial evaluation that takes into account your unique, personal situation.


All evaluations are conducted by an experienced Licensed Master of Social Worker, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Qualified Mental Health Professional. Recommendations are based on the DSM-IV and ASAM Placement Criteria.


Because we believe open communication is important, we provide our clients with an overview of their recommendations (some exceptions apply) and provide contact information for community / referral resources, when applicable.

What do you need to bring to the Assessment?


At time of service, clients are responsible for submitting all requirements and documentation, along with contact information for the person or agency that is to receive the Assessment & Recommendations. This includes:

      • Court / organization documents & requirements, if applicable
      • Client case number, if applicable
      • Name of Referring Organization
      • Contact person name
      • Contact phone number
      • Contact fax number
      • Contact address